"Kebenaran adalah berani, dan kebaikan tidak pernah takut." -William Shakespeare_Measure for measure-

Kamis, 28 April 2011


*Well, this post is a little different from my previous posts. 

Finally, I just "get rid" of thebeach, bright cloud, brown bag, sneakers, and beautiful blue atmosphere  that has become the background of this blog for several months. 

Why oh why??
Because I have a new header! 
This header is a special gift from him (especially him). :) 
It's very cool! (at least, for me it is so cool). 
And I can't wait to show it to you, guys. :D
Then, i have to say "goodbye" for you dear beach, bright cloud, brown bag, sneakers, and beautiful blue atmosphere. :( 

Oh!thanks to someone out there who made this image. It's cool! Isn't it? :)

Okay. Lebay. I called it ababil. But it's okay for now yeaaahh. 

'hope you enjoy the header guys. 
Not so-great like another blogs. But it's cool enough for my blog. :) 

How to look overall appearance of the header? 

It's easy, make sure that your internet connection is running well. Or if it not goes so well, be patient to wait the "header show" rendering until finish (you can read my previous post when you wait the rendering, *biggrin). 
And you'll see my title! Aha! (*i'm so on-fire about this) hahahaha. 

Welcome new header! 

*it's not "very important" post, actually. But, it's good enough for my "variation posts" on this blog. It will not be too often, I swear! :D

3 komentar:

Nufri L Sang Nila mengatakan...

welcome new headerrrrrr!... pastinya jadi bukin semangat yaaaa...dari seseorang yang special gitu...heheee...senangnyaaaaa....

salam :)

Pungky mengatakan...

aaaa padahal aku pernah komen kalo aku cinta setengah mati sama header yang lama :(

FeraSuliyanto mengatakan...

@Nufri: hiiihihihihihihihiii. yaaapppp!! salam jugaaa nufri! :D

@pungky: huuhuuhuhuhuu aku jugaa sukaa sama yang laamaa niihh pungky..tapi kalo tetep dipasang,jadi gak nyambung nih sama new headernya,sedangkan new headernya juga aq suka... (*galau mode:on) :D
tapi nanti dipasang lagi kookk..ini lagi dibikinin header yg cocok sama background yang lama.heeheeheeee

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